MPO registered teachers demand nationalisation of education system

Published : 18 Mar 2023 09:50 PM

Teachers of MPO-enlisted education institutions on Saturday staged demonstration in front of Jatiya Press Club to press home their demand for nationalisation of the education system.

Hundreds of teachers from different organisation including Bangladesh Madhyamik Shikkha Pratisthan Pradhan Parishad, Bangladesh Madhyamik Sahakari Pradhan Shikkhak Samiti, Bangladesh Madhyamik Shikkhak Samiti, Bangladesh Pradhan Shikkhak Samiti, Sahakari Pradhan Shikkhak Samiti and Bangladesh Madhyamik Sahakari Shikkhak Samiti joined the demonstration at around 10:00 am yesterday.

Bangladesh Madhyamik Pradhan Shikshak Parishad president Nripendra Chandra, Bangladesh Madhyamik Shikkha Pratisthan Pradhan Parishad General Secretary Mojibur Rahman Babul, Sahakari Pradhan Shikkhak Parishad president Rafiqul Islam Apu,  Bangladesh Madhyamik Sahakari Pradhan Shikkhak Samiti centrel committee convener Motiur Rahman Mollah, secretary member Jahangir Hossain, Shikkha Pratisthan Pradhan Parishad central vice president Mostofa Kalam among others delivered their speech there.