Modern civic facilities at villages

Better coordination needed for expanding the services

Published : 19 Apr 2022 09:08 PM

Thanks to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League government’s endeavor for taking the country’s villages forward with modern civic facilities. After 50 years of independence, over 300 digital services are currently being delivered to the rural people by the union digital center. Country’s rural people are now enjoying the advantages of information technology. Grassroots people now can avail services like digital center payment, online banking, overseas job application, vaccine registration, interview card download and print, public exam results, university admission, passport application, visa verification and tracking, online driving license application and birth registration.

If the field level government officials do not perform their 

lawful responsibilities to ensure people’s welfare, the fate 

of the underprivileged people will remain unchanged

They are also enjoying mobile banking service, voter ID card and election-related information, information related to all sorts of development activities taken at local and central levels. Apart from these, people can avail services like computer compose, printing, scanning and laminating, internet browsing and e-mail service – connectivity with information super highway --, video conferencing, mobile telephone service, tax-related information, income tax, VAT, excise duty, business and recreation information, various types of government forms download and all other information related to government services from the center.

Electrification is playing the leading role in providing villages with modern civic facilities. But when the government is working hard to provide developed and better life to the grassroots people, some unscrupulous officials and employees are reportedly committing irregularities in collaboration with the local influential middlemen, intensifying the sufferings of people. 

Instead of discharging their duties, these corrupt officials and employees in association with the local public representatives like some lawmakers, upazila chairmen, union parishad chairmen alongside influential middlemen are reportedly grabbing government lands, rivers, forest lands, hills and natural water-bodies. They are also grabbing playgrounds and open spaces where kids play. 

If the field level government officials do not perform their lawful responsibilities to ensure people’s welfare, the fate of the real distressed, insolvent and underprivileged people will remain unchanged. 

Therefore, the authorities especially the deputy commissioners and upazila nirbahi officers must go hard on corrupt officials and employees and local influential middlemen so that no one dare to commit such crime.

The government officials are the servants of the people and they must discharge their responsibilities as people’s servants to ensure the delivery of the government services at people’s doorsteps.

Therefore, the deputy commissioners must deliver effective and proper leadership to fulfill the people's fundamental rights, eliminate corrupt officials and influential middlemen.