Mobile courts to ensure use of face mask

It is time to educate and empower people to protect themselves from coronavirus

It is good to note that the government is going to deploy mobile court in Dhaka to raise awareness and ensure people wear masks to stave off the second wave of coronavirus.

As experts fear that coronavirus pandemic could create a winter storm, it is time we brace for a potential increase in cases that could be more serious than the initial outbreak. The challenge for government now is to ensure the peak is not so much that it overburdens our healthcare system again.

However, there are perturbing signs that most of us have developed a lax attitude to keeping social distancing. While people around the world have been meticulously trying to maintain social distance in a bid to fight the deadly coronavirus, it seems many people in Bangladesh just couldn't care less about it to contain further spread of the virus. 

The government should integrate pragmatic preventive

 measures based on the experiences gathered from the first 

wave of the pandemic

Every day, hundreds of people gather at local bazaars, which are believed to be the hotspots of spreading and contracting the virus. This approach must be changed in no time. We must take the deadly disease seriously and take more precautions because even developed nations have not been able to stop the spread of the disease despite having the best of resources and technology. 

The government should integrate pragmatic preventive measures based on the experiences gathered from the first wave of the pandemic so that it can act fast to control the possible winter wave and ensure proper healthcare services for the infected people. 

We must educate and empower people to protect themselves from the infection of the virus. It needs no mentioning that self-defence is the best way to prevent a pandemic like corona. We have to involve people with plans and programmes to control the virus. Without people’s involvement and cooperation, it would be well-nigh impossible to control the probable Covid-19 winter wave successfully. 

Coronavirus is still here. And we do not have a vaccine for it yet. That means that mask-wearing and social distancing will remain indispensable, and we will need to keep using the same tools scientists have been clamouring for all along: surveillance testing, contact tracing and quarantine.