Misdiagnosis at private diagnostic centres

Unethical practice of pathological centres must be stopped

Published : 02 Aug 2022 08:26 PM

Sheikh Farhana, a Bangladesh expatriate in Italy, conducted her 14-year son Arafat’s Computed Tomography (CT) scan and X-rays as per the instruction of physicians of Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. As Arafat was suffering from chest pain coupled with cough he was taken there. The CT scan and X-rays report says the boy has been diagnosed as cancer patient following developing a tumour.     Later, Farhana rushed her son to Prescription point ltd. (PPL), a diagnostic, consultation and health care center situated at Banani, to recheck the medical the report of Popular Diagnostic. The Prescription point also gave the same medical report, saying Arafat needs immediate treatment as he was suffering cancer dieses.

Arafat was later diagnosed at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in order to cross-check the reports. However, BSMMU physicians assured Farhana that her son’s physical condition is very sound and he is not suffering from any sort of disease like cancer. But as there was a doubt whether the kid was cancer patient at all, Arafat was taken to hospital in the neighbouring country where his biopsy was also done. But doctors of the hospital in Kolkata did not find any signs of cancer.

Wrong diagnosis, faulty treatment and shortage 

of qualified physicians at private hospitals and clinics 

made many healthy people into patients in the past

BSMMU doctors termed the both reports prepared by Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. and Prescription Point ltd as irrelevant and error. Expressing grave concern, they said physicians need to carry out more study on patients before identifying them as cancer patients or other diseases. 

The government will have to setup a Central Reference Laboratory, which conducts various medical and diagnostic tests as well as laboratory research accurately. It is the responsibility of the health ministry to monitor whether the private hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern laboratory facilities and latest state of the sophisticated technologies as well.

If they do not have capacity and lack of modern laboratory facilities, why they provide medical treatment to people alluring eye catching advertisement? The authorities concerned must inquire as to why the private hospitals are providing wrong treatment to patients.

Wrong diagnosis, faulty treatment and shortage of qualified physicians at private hospitals and clinics made many healthy people into patients in the past. Such death game at private hospitals and clinics cannot be continued in a modern world. Therefore, taking a serious note of the incident, authorities concerned must conduct a probe immediately in this regard.