Miscreants to be dealt with iron-hand for free polls

Published : 25 Nov 2023 08:52 PM

Superintendent of police (SP) in Jhenaidah  Azim Ul Ahsan had told that he will deal the miscreants with iron-hand to curb terrorism in the district and show zero tolerance to crime. Adequate law enforcers including police, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and Ansar and Village Defense Party (VDP) were kept alert to tackle any untoward situation during the twelfth national polls scheduled for January 7 next. The government wants to hold the polls free and fair for credible elections. 

Not only that the policemen is going to seize all types of local weapons and accessories like dhal, falla, ramda, teer, ballam, teta and so on rampantly used in local factional and social class namely “kaije”. When the police were playing impartial role in dealing any case and record huge accused in social clashes, the number of crimes has been decreasing gradually in the district, especially, in crime prone Shailkupa upazila of the district in last few months. It has been helping improve the law-and-order situation in the district, the SP said.  

The police boss said, a section of elected local representatives has making untoward situation in the village patronizing the village criminals like the musclemen to ensure their domination for decades together. The people of Shailkupa are most innocent and emotional and engaged in village clash following a trifling matter at any situation. Although the upazila has been playing significant role in public administration, police administration, education and other sectors for centuries together. 

The people being instigated by the village touts are get involved in clash with dhal, falla, ramda, teer, ballam, teta where more or less casualty is happened in every case.

According to the police official, once the district went under the clutch of a section of outfit activists where murder, rape, dacoity, robbery, snatching and other crimes was a common feature as the miscreants were handling huge illegal arms and ammunitions in the name of politics. But the days are no more now. Each and every citizen wants to lead normal life staying even in remote villages as the country was marching towards a developed one, SP said. 

Interference of musclemen in the scheduled national polls, the police head in Jhenaidah said they are not taking the matter simple as there are records of this so-rt of heinous activities as a few numbers of influentials sometimes deploy the miscreants to keep the environment under their favour with muscle and money. But the law enforcers will not allow them to do so at any cost as the existing law will be applicable for all equally always.

Mentioning the incident of crimes in the district between August and October last year, the police official said they had recorded 516 cases like four dacoity, three robbery, eight killing, 20 rape, 29 theft and 143 recovery incidents in the last year. In the other hand they had recorded 462 cases like single dacoity, three robberies, six killing, seven rape, 27 theft and 1562 recovery cases where the trend of crime was reducing gradually. The police had also seized 813 bottles of Indian contra banned phensedyl syrup, 1,341 pieces of yaba pillets, 33.560 kilograms of hemp, seven hemp plants, 8,000 pieces of tapentadole tablets, 21 liters of local and 14 bottles of foreign liquors during the time. 

Azim -Ul -Ahsan said they Officer -in-Charge of the Police Stations in Jhenaidah were advised to record cases, especially, the murder cases against least number of accused as huge people cannot be involved a single murder incident. Further, it could be deal cautiously so that no innocent people could be charged anyway. He was hopeful to seize the local and lethal weapons within a few weeks.