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Mir Info System partners with SINCOS to provide enhanced digital solutions

Published : 28 Sep 2022 10:28 PM

Mir Info System has recently partnered up with SINCOS Engineers Limited to utilize ERGO ERP solutions and help streamline business operations. 

Mir Info System started its business operations in 2010, working across the globe to provide high-quality, tailor-made, and budget-friendly digital solutions. Equipped with engineers, business analysts, and designers, Mir Info System addresses the critical challenges in every industry to introduce effective solutions. The company has decades of experience, primarily in the manufacturing, medical, telecom, retail, and service sectors. Taking this expertise to the next level, Mir Info System has recently partnered up with SINCOS Engineers Limited to provide additional services, including CRM, sales, purchase, inventory, and accounting.

Regarding the partnership, Shama-e Zaheer Chairman, from Mir Info System said, “All successful partnerships start with a shared understanding of goals. Mir Info System is pleased to be able to align our goals with SINCOS. We hope that we can work together to understand needs, identify opportunities and risks, and use our knowledge of available technologies to attain assured success.”

Utilizing the power of technology, SINCOS focuses on providing complete solutions in industrial automation technologies with the help of world-class products. Since its inception, SINCOS has been supporting almost every industry in Bangladesh that is engaged in mass production, relying on automation technology.