Mehazabien speaks about her entry into silver screen

Published : 23 Feb 2024 09:13 PM

Mehazabien Chowdhury, a popular actress on the small screen, has gained wide popularity with dramas, telemovies, and series for a long time. She finally made her name on the big screen. The actress gave the good news herself by posting on her verified Facebook page on Wednesday morning.

It is known that the name of the movie is 'Saba'. Directed by Maksud Hossain. Mehzabeen is playing the titular role of 'Saba' on the big screen.

This is director Maksud Hossain's first movie. However, even though it is the first movie, he is good at making advertisements. Earlier, Mehazabien also did many advertisements. He traveled to many international co-production markets with the story of the movie. Saba's story is also going around in places like Film Bazaar and Global Media Makers. After that, go to Mehzabeen with the movie.

Mehjabeen Chowdhury entered the television drama on February 21, 14 years ago. To commemorate this special day in her career, she shared the poster for the movie with her fans on Wednesday and shared the happy news.

In this regard, Mehazabien said, "Last year, I wrote my name in the movie.'' She kept it a secret for so long because of the production company.

Apart from this, the actress wrote in her Facebook post that February 21  is International Mother Language Day. I started my acting journey in TV dramas on this day, 14 years ago, with humble respect for language martyrs. And today, on this special day, I want to inform my well-wishers and friends that I am going to make my debut on the big screen.

Before this, Mehazabien had received offers to work in various movies. But why did she make her name on the big screen through the movie 'Saba'?

In this context, Mehazabien said, "I got many stories from the movie. But none of the stories left a mark on my mind. But when director Maksud Hossain first narrated the story of the movie, the story grabbed me. Also, his dedication to the story as a director impressed me. Because the story is about his personal life. This is the reason for agreeing to see the story.

About Mehazabien's character in the movie, the actress said, My character's name in the movie is Saba. A girl goes against the grain and does all the work. The character is different from other girls. This is also a reason to like this story.

The actress also said that we will complete the work on this film at the beginning of 2023. I acted in the film Saba, directed by the talented director Maksud Hossain. 'Saba' means morning, gentle morning breeze; I hope that the morning of my film life will be filled with genuine love. The story, the characters, the director's production, the opportunity to act with talented actors and talented behind-the-scenes crew—all in all, 'Saba' will always have a special place in my life.

It is known that the shooting of Saba started in January last year and ended on February 12. Mehzabeen rehearsed for 6 months before the shooting of the movie. Apart from this, the movie will be released by the end of this year.