Mehazabien returns as Anannya

Published : 08 Dec 2023 09:32 PM

Popular actress Mehazabien Chowdhury is returning to dramas after a prolonged absence with a new drama titled 'Anannya.' She will be seen in the lead role of the drama. It tells the story of the struggles of a woman with her child and has been directed by Mostafa Kamal Raz.

"I haven't really been working in dramas lately," said Mehazabien. "But the interesting character and story enticed me to come back and act again. My efforts and work will only be successful if the audience likes our work," she said.

Shashwata Datta and Dolly Johur will be Mehazabien's co-stars in 'Anannya'.The drama will be released on 16 December in the YouTube channel 'Cinemawala'. 

'Anannya' will be Mehazabien's fifth and final acting gig for 2023. At the start of this year, she had acted in the role of Kajol, in the Vicky Zahed directed film 'Kajoler Dinratri.'