Mehazabien back to shooting

Popular small screen actress Mehazabien Chowdhury has been in lockdown since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. She did not perform for more than three months due to the lockdown. But this time, as the Eid-ul-Adha is approaching, the directors are also keen to make dramas with her. 

There are millions of fans of Mehazabien in the country and abroad.  And so, after a long three month hiatus she is once again returning to acting mainly to be in new dramas for the audience. Mehazabien has confirmed that she is going to start anew by acting in a drama by Mizanur Rahman Aryan. 

Mehazabien said, “For now, I have given time only to Mizanur Rahman Aryan for a drama. I will work following the health rules. After doing a drama, if we realize that the health rules are being followed, then maybe other directors can be given a schedule later. If everything goes well and I don't have any worries about working, then I will be regular at work. The rest is up to Allah.”

Mehazabien said that during the days of Corona's lockdown, she also made several videos for her own YouTube channel and published them. She is getting a lot of response for those works. It's not like she's had too much boredom in the lockdown. So she also tried to enjoy the time a lot.