Manufacturing of substandard cooking oil

A potential threat to public health

It is startling to note that Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution or BSTI have identified 18 substandard food products including oil, drinking water, vermicelli, salt and powdered spices of 52 brands as reported by this daily on Wednesday. 

It is quite unacceptable that no punitive action has ever been taken against companies marketing substandard essential edible oils even after government studies found gross irregularities in the area of serious public health concern. Moreover, neither the consumers nor the retailers are aware about the values that ought to be there in cooking oils sold in the market.

It is quite unacceptable that no punitive 

action has ever been takenagainst 

companies marketing substandardessential

 edible oils even after government

 studies found gross irregularities in this area

Oil and fat particles are an important source of energy for human body. When this source is absent then a considerable threat to the health of the public takes place. During Ramadan, the use of oil in food preparation increases manifold in most Bengali households and restaurants. We are told that there have been multiple cases where substandard oil was being produced by companies that are renowned for making food ingredients.

 Such an issue to take place right when Ramadan is starting is really disheartening. The undertaking of the institution that has done the covert operations in collecting the samples and testing them properly to come up with the results is without a doubt a commendable feat. However, this would have been more effective if such results were produced not at the eleventh hour of Ramadan’s arrival. 

Considering the situation, authorities concerned should be more aware to avert such ill practices from taking place. Legal action is always a way to go in such cases and can be taken against companies who may pull such stunts in the future. There should be exemplary punishments and fines of considerable sums for those who are not playing their roles with sincerity. Moreover, steps can be taken to find out those who are actually doing a good enough job and can be awarded. Commendation is always a better deterrent of ill ways than damnation.