Maintain quality of electronic goods to capture world market: FBCCI

Published : 15 May 2022 09:10 PM

FBCCI President Md. Jashim Uddin urged the businessmen to ensure the quality of domestic products in order to utilize the potential of global market for electronics products

The FBCCI Standing Committee on Electrical and Electronics Merchandise was held at FBCCI on Saturday afternoon. 

While speaking as chief guest, FBCCI President said that we had to import electrical products before, but now about 80 percent is made in the country. Compliance is a big issue for the development of this sector. He said that it is possible to deliver electrical products to the world market if we can ensure quality products. The FBCCI chief further said that whether big or small companies, all are contributing to the economy of the country. The government is also providing necessary support to keep the small traders afloat. We also need to cooperate in formulating policies for them. We should work for the development of the whole sector, not only for our own business. 

Jashim Uddin urged the businessmen to emphasize on the establishment of backward linkages at that time.

FBCCI’s senior vice-president Mostofa Azad Chowdhury Babu said, we should provide full cooperation to these sectors including electrical, which can generate revenue by exporting products to the world market.

FBCCI’s Vice President Director-in-Charge of the Committee M A Razzak Khan said that there are policies in almost all sectors including garments and leather, except this electrical and electronics sectors. As a result, most of the companies in the country are in recession except a few. 

He said that if the small and medium entrepreneurs could not survive, they would fail to repay the loans given by the banks. As a result, both the bank and the entrepreneur will suffer.

President of Bangladesh Television Manufacturers Association and Co-chairman of the committee Md. Sohel Khan demanded a separate industrial zone for assembling television and SRO facilities on this sector with the help of backward linkage.

FBCCI's panel advisor and co-chairman of the committee, Dr. Kazi Iqbal said that due to lack of research and sufficient data, the electrical and electronics sector in Bangladesh is not growing significantly. We need to work through overall mapping on this sector.

The meeting was chaired by former director of FBCCI and chairman of the committee Engr. Mohd. Mohabbat Ullah. 

Among others, FBCCI Vice President MA Momen, Md Amin Helaly, Director Hafez Harun, Former Director Khandaker Ruhul Amin, Committee Co-chairman Mafizur Rahman, Salauddin Yousuf, FBCCI Secretary General Mohammad Mahfuzul Hoque and other members were present at the meeting.