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‘Liton can become world-class batsman’

Published : 16 Sep 2021 08:22 PM | Updated : 17 Sep 2021 02:06 AM

Even though the team is on winning run before the T20 World Cup, Bangladesh's batting has created a big room for doubt. The big question now is how much Bangladesh batsmen will adapt themselves on the sporting wicket in the World Cup by overcoming the bad habit of playing at slow wickets in home soil. In a recent interview, Bangladesh batting coach Ashwell Prince answered those questions and also said Liton Das can become one of the best batsmen in the world.

Bangladesh have won the last two series but the batsmen have struggled to get runs. Is it a matter of concern before the T20 World Cup?

Ashwell Prince: World-class batsmen from Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, many of whom have experience in franchise cricket, have all suffered. In fact, the wicket was like that. It was hard for everyone to bat here.

There is a lot of talk about wickets. Do you think this wicket of Mirpur was ideal for the preparation of the World Cup? In the World Cup, wickets are supposed to be very batting friendly.

Prince: The pitch in Mirpur was really tough. It was very slow and had a lot of turn. However, due to the rainy season, it was difficult for the curators to make ideal wickets. But at the same time look at another aspect, in UAE the rest of the IPL is starting, then the World Cup will start. Therefore, those wickets can also get a littleburnt out, there can be slowness, spin bowling can be effective. If things go that way, one can say that the series’ against Australia and New Zealand turned out to be a good thing. But I think it would be easier for the batsmen to adapt if the wicket is good. Because if there will be no slowness on the pitch, the ball will come to the batsman well.

From the beginning of his career, Liton Das has been fascinated by his batting style but the lack of consistency is one of his problems. What are your expectations from Liton at the World Cup?

Prince: If there's one thing, I'd like Liton to have confidence in himself. I know what he is capable of. I think he can be one of the top 10 batsmen in the world in all versions. If he believes it and accepts everything that way, he will be much, much more consistent.