Let PWDs contribute to national development

Protect their constitutional rights

Published : 03 Apr 2022 08:57 PM

While addressing a function marking the 15th World Autism Awareness Day Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said her government would arrange permanent accommodation and employment for people with disabilities (PWDs) aimed at securing their lives. World Autism Awareness Day is observed across the globe on April 2. Every year the day is observed to raise awareness about autism, a developmental disorder which impairs one’s ability to communicate and interact. The United Nations first marked the day as a global event in 2008 to speak out against discrimination faced by autism patients, celebrate the diversity of the global community and strengthen the commitment to the full inclusion and participation of differently able persons. 

However, there are still major barriers to the use of assistive technologies, including high costs, lack of availability, lack of awareness of their potential, and a lack of training in their use. Available data indicate that in several developing countries more than 50 percent people with disabilities who need assistive devices are not able to receive them. Moreover, stigmatisation and discrimination associated with neurological differences remain substantial obstacles to diagnosis and therapy.


steps should be taken to

 raise awareness about the 

rights of PWDs

A few decades ago, very few parents were aware of autism. With the onset of globalisation and in the digital era, more people are familiar with autism now than ever. Governments, doctors, NGOs and parents came together to spread increased awareness about autism but still the efforts have not been adequately comprehended in rural Bangladesh Experts assert that one of the most difficult things about autism is the judgment of other people. The problem with autism is that the person finds difficulties being social. For example, a person with autism may acquire high computer skills but become restless with sound or noise. In such cases, an office can create a special working environment for them. Every special person has the potential to be self-employed if they are trained and treated in a strategic manner.

In this regard, we must generate employment opportunities for persons with autism and the society needs to be more accommodating and friendlier towards children with autism.  Children with disabilities are targets of bullying, more likely to be victimized, and the society shuns people with autism. Considering this, necessary steps should be taken to raise awareness about the rights of PWDs. Also as a part of the society we must break social, environmental and psychological barriers that come in the way of differently able persons.