Labour market under jeopardy

Syndicate being a thorn on the side

The failure of the G2G programme set to benefit through creating an easy means of transferring workers to Malaysia through the Bangladesh government created a new option for the Bangladesh government when Malaysia proposed the G2G Plus programme. This posed a few positive aspects for the workers. The cost would have been reduced to a great extent also the levies and Malaysian government taxes were to be borne by the Malaysian employer. But, that is far from the truth at present. 

It is disconcerting news that for long a syndicate of agencies has been controlling the outflow of workers to Malaysia. Much has been written and said over this issue of ill-minded recruiting agencies hovering over hardworking aspiring workers and exploiting them for personal gains.

The recruiting agencies are now trying to change their 

prior identity creating a façade that is farcical at best to

 fool the government’s efforts

A recent report published in this daily shows that a 12-agency syndicate is controlling the newly re-established labour market in Malaysia. However, the recruiting agencies that were earlier detected for their misdeeds are now trying to change their prior identity to a skilled manpower organisation creating a façade that is farcical at best to fool the government’s efforts in reconnecting with the Malaysian labour market. 

When faced with such odds the workers aspiring to leave the country for a better and solvent future abroad through providing hard labour cannot help but ask— why are these syndicates still able to operate? Are they a part of the ruling government? Whys has not the government taken any stern action against them? Will such exploitation continue long into the future of the government’s present term?

Under such questioning the onus falls on the authorities concerned to reassure the workers of such innuendos. This market is a scope for the government and if properly accessed a massive amount of foreign remittance can be collected which will surely bolster the economy of the country and help fulfill the (SDGs).