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Kutumbari serves notice on Facebook

Claims $800,000 in damages

Published : 20 Jun 2021 09:14 PM | Updated : 22 Jun 2021 01:09 AM

A Bangladeshi business enterprise Kutumbari Ltd. has served a legal notice on the tech giant Facebook Inc in connection with the damage of the reputation by allowing several fake pages and groups in the world’s largest social networking site.

Kutumbari Ltd. also demanded US dollar 800,00 from the Facebook Inc, an American multinational technology conglomerate based in USA, for allegedly  ‘losing its business’ and ‘loss  of millions of customers’. 

Kutumbari Ltd, which was once a renowned restaurant business brand in Bangladesh, has already sent legal notice to the Facebook Inc.

Advocate Kazi Mohammad Joynal Abedin, an advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, served the legal notice on  top brass of Facebook Inc , including its Chairman and  Chief Executive Office Mark Zuckerberg and  members of the Board of Directors. 

On behalf of Gazi Khaled Ibn Mohammad, Managing Director of the  Kutumbari Ltd. on December 7 in 2020, the legal notice was served  on the Facebook Inc. 

In the legal notice, Uniform Resource Locators" (URLs) links of 63 fake pages named after Kutumbari and two groups were also sent to the Facebook, Inc. 

Kutumbari Ltd. was incorporated with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms on November  22 in 2012 having Trade Licence  No.05-56339 . Kutumbari Ltd’s Tax Identification Number (TIN): is  529185535703.  

The Kutumbari Ltd.  opened a Facebook page  on 28th March in 2014. But the Facebook page of the  Kutumbari  first was hacked  on 22nd March in 2020 . Later  it was hacked again.

After repeated reminder and request,  the Facebook page of the  Kutumbari was restored  on 11 April last year.

But in the meantime,  millions of customers of the Kutumbari connected through Facebook were unable to reach the Kutumbari page link as the page was beyond control of main Admin and the page was controlled by some unauthorized anonymous admin panel in the name of “ Monkey Duo Duo” ,  the legal notice said.

 Therefore, the customers of  Kutumbari were confused and the original owner and proprietor of  Kutumbari was interrupted to conduct his business through Facebook page and Kutumbari was unable  to reach its customers  by giving its advertisement,  it further stated.

As a whole, Kutumbari suffered huge financial loss during COVID-19 pandemic, the legal notice claimed.

For  loss of business,   loss of millions of customers,  Kutumbari Ltd. has demanded  800,000 US Dollars from Facebook Inc.   

In response to the legal notice , Facebook Inc responded to it on January 28 in 2021.

 Barrister Tazkia Labeeba Karim from the Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed & Associates signed in the reply notice, on behalf of the Facebook Inc, claiming that they are representing their client.

‘The Facebook Terms of Service do not allow posting content that violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, including copy right and trade mark. However,  the letter does not clearly identify which of Kutumbari’s intellectual property rights were purportedly infringed ,or provide any evidence to substantiate the alleged infringement, the reply notice responded.

Earlier on November in 2020, Facebook Inc  filed a lawsuit against with the Dhaka District and Sessions Judge’s Court seeking a compensation of $50,000.