‘Kamaraddir Shambol’ about getting blanket from Bangabandhu

In Bangabandhu Sheikh Mjibur Rahman’s birth centenary, there are many extraordinary people in different parts of the country who are showing all the extraordinary examples of respect and love for Bangabandhu.

The special drama ‘Kamaraddir Shambol’ has been made based on such a true incident.

It is being produced by Abu Hayat Mahmud in the screenplay of Masum Reza. Tariq Anam Khan is playing the title role in it. 

The director said it was made under the banner of Crown Entertainment Productions.

The drama will be aired on Banglavision today, August 15.

The story of ‘Kamaraddir Shambol’ revolves around Kamaraddi and his blanket. He received the blanket from Bangabandhu in 1973. He still preserves that blanket with absolute compassion.

The drama also stars Irene Tani, Sheikh Mahbubur Rahman and Lutfar Rahman George.

The drama also shows that when Bangabandhu and his family were killed on 15 August 1975, Munakka was one of the murderers who had turned coat and joined the group of traitors. As a fan of Bangabandhu, Kamaraddi used to laugh the most. 

Once the plot changes, Munakka changes sides again and becomes a huge ‘Mujib fan’. Either way, Munakka wants to take possession of the blanket and wants to buy it with a lot of money. 

But Kamaraddi does not give the blanket out of any greed. Thus goes the story of a Bangabandhu-loving Kamaraddi and his only possession, the blanket.

Regarding the drama, its producer Abu Hayat Mahmud said, “Kamaraddi has created an example of rare love by keeping a blanket from Bangabandhu for years and overcoming various social obstacles. 

His love for Bangabandhu has stirred our emotions. This production is its manifestation. I tried to capture the passion of Kamaraddi and the politics of Munakka. I don’t know how much I can do, the audience can say it better.”