Kamalapur PTI campus turns green

Published : 29 Aug 2022 07:29 PM

Flower, medicated and fruit plants on campus of Kamalapur Primary Training Institute (PTI) in Chuadanga have created a pleasant environment under the initiatives of trainees, instructors, assistant superintendent, superintendent and staffs as students and different section of people of the areas are encouraging to plant flowers and fruit trees in their schools and homesteads after seeing these there.

It is learnt, Kamlapur PTI is situated at village Kamlapur-Kantopur in Aladanga upazila of Chuadanga district. Once upon a time this place was remote area. At present Chuadanga-Kushtia High Road has been constructed for communication between two district named Chuadanga and Kushtia. The PTI stands now 5 kilo meters from Chuadanga and 16 kilo meters from Alamdanga on the road. About 8 government primary schools and 4 high schools are around of the PTI.

Students and teachers frequently visit at the PTI to see the pleasant environment. They meet the superintendent of the PTI Mollah Shahiduzzaman and others, ask the name of plants and after acknowledging express to plant their concerned places.

When this correspondent visited the area and found, some plants of malta, orange, guava, lemon, different types of spices and medicated plants are there. These plants have been bearing fruits and flowers. Fruits and flowers have created a charming and attractive sceneries which are being attracted to the plants’ lover people. 

A road is around of the campus. Both sides of the road are planted flowers saplings. All sapling of flowers have grown up that have made beautiful scenery.  

Hafizur Rahman, a lecture of Badargonj Degree College in Chuadanga, visited the PTI and told The Bangladesh Post, ‘I have become very glad to see the campus of PTI. I think, I will discuss with the principal of my college and plant different fruits and flower saplings on campus of college’. 

Mollah Shahiduzzaman, Superintendent of PTI told this correspondent, un-used lands on the campus have been done weed out and planted saplings  with the help of the trainees and others. Regular supervision and monitoring are being conducted by us for taking care as the campus has been turned in to beauty and charm through the plants.