Juvenile gang culture

Strengthen family ties, save next generation

Published : 02 Jul 2022 08:21 PM

That teenagers are getting involved in various crimes like extortion, mugging, drug peddling and stalking young girls and women is unacceptable and shocking, to say the least. Common people, especially young girls and women who travel their respective localities either in urban or rural area feel helpless as the harden criminals are roaming in and around freely round the clock. Besides, they are also involved in violent and brutal crimes like murder and their delinquency is on the rise at present.

Law enforcement agencies several times went tough on juvenile crimes in order to keep the derailed young men on the right track. But the members of different juvenile gangs showing thumb to the law enforcers are easily committing serious crimes as they still get blessing from the local influential.

It is necessary to strengthen family 

ties and engage teenagers and 

adolescents in extra-curricular activities

Ashraful Islam Jitu, 19, attacked teacher Utpal Kumar Sarkar with a cricket stamp, striking him on head indiscriminately on the Haji Yunus Ali School and College playground at Ashulia in Savar on June 25. The teacher succumbed to his injuries, raising a fresh concern over people security and safety.

It has been noticed over the past few years that adolescents are getting involved in various criminal activities in recent days forming gangs like Disco Boys, Seven Star, Nine Star, Danger Boys and Nayan Bond. It is an open secret that a section of political influential is transforming the teenagers into gangs to serve their own purpose. If the young people get supports from musclemen or used for political purpose, they become usually desperate and encourage committing any sort of crime. Hence, launching a ‘combing operation’ has become more than a neccesiity to pull the reins of juvenile gang culture right now. The law enforcers will have to get fully prepared to ensure safe movement of common people and take strict measures against the gang members. Apart from the law enforcement agencies, parents, teachers and civil society members will also have to take the responsibility of monitoring teenagers to ensure their wellbeing. A significant number of teenage boys were arrested on various charges in different places of the country including capital Dhaka and its suburbs. It is alarming that many boys were killed by different juvenile gangs in different places of the country.  

Political goodwill is a must to prevent this gang culture. In this regard, we all should remain careful so that adolescents could not be used in political meetings and rallies. We must become more conscious about our children so that they cannot get involved in criminal activities. Also, it is necessary to strengthen  family ties and engage teenagers and adolescents in extra-curricular activities.