JS body for steps to recover grabbed lands and waterbodies

Grabbers must be held to account

Published : 04 Aug 2023 07:59 PM

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Land Ministry at its 17th meeting recommended the ministry for taking immediate steps in a bid to recover grabbed lands, wetlands and ponds in different places in the country. The parliamentary watchdog also suggested appointing lawyers to conduct different land related government cases.

Though many initiatives were taken several times with a high hope to recover the grabbed land, wetlands and ponds from influential vested quarters, we think the halfhearted measures have not been able to yield any positive result.

The government has recovered 5512.04 acres of khas land from illegal occupation across the country to construct houses for landless under the Ashrayan -2 Project on the occasion of Mujib Barsho. But a total of 62,537 acres of khas land still remains under the clutches of grabbers across the country, says a statistics.

Local influential, political leaders and musclemen are developing structures in the name various association, religious institutions, hut, business establishments and makeshift houses on the government khas land.

Stern action should be taken

 against the people who are

 involved in grabbing lands 

and waterbodies

Later, these organised grabbers through syndication and managing a section of officials of land offices are either constructing high rise building or selling those lands to the vested quarters. 

These influential people and musclemen in association with local armed middlemen have also set up different structures like resorts and factories on the grabbed lands.

While recovering the land, the authorities concerned faced challenges in several times. If the grabbers can be ousted from the khas land, country’s landless and homeless people will get better quality abodes along with two decimals of land.

Apart from the land, rivers, water bodies, wetlands and ponds are also disappearing fast from the country’s map due to illegal unabated grabbing. It is not possible to protect country’s land, rivers, water bodies, wetlands and ponds unless the influential people are brought to book immediately.

Therefore, immediate stern action should be taken against the people who are involved in grabbing lands and waterbodies. It is time to recover the lost lands, wetlands and ponds to protect our environment at any cost.