Journo harassed in Meherpur

Published : 01 Apr 2020 10:53 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 09:46 PM

Md Hasanat Zaman Sayqut, Meherpur district correspondent of Bangladesh Post, was harassed  and threatened with death threats, while collecting news of corona situation in Meherpur on Tuesday afternoon.

People were seen strolling and standing without any reason violating government orders on the Govipur Bridge near Meherpur Sadar Police Station. 

Md Hasanat Zaman Sayqut was physically harassed for taking pictures at this time. People threatened to throw him off the bridge and abused him in obscene language. They also deleted the photos that Hasnat took by snatching his mobile phone. 

At this time, journalist Hasnat was physically injured.  Meanwhile, the police have assured that they will take proper action against the persons responsible after identifying them.