Joma panir khoma nai: Awareness on cleanliness to prevent dengue mosquito breeding

To control the spread of dengue outbreak, which is currently the nation’s biggest concerns, ‘Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh’ and RTV has taken initiatives of deposing ‘water puddles’ and rubbish across numerous locations. 

As part of the initiative, a human chain was organized by Uttoron Jubo Shongshod at the Azimpur Iraqi playground of the capital, with the slogan ‘Joma panir khoma nai’ followed by a cleanliness drive to depose ‘water puddles’ and rubbish in surrounding fields, drains, homes and schools on Tuesday. Concito PR, the public relation affiliate of ‘Porichchonno Bangladesh’, took part in the initiative.

To raise awareness through the human procession and the cleanliness drive with the tagline ‘Joma panir khoma nai’, people from different walks of life flocked with various placards. More than 250 bags of waste were cleaned from the area around Iraqi playground in Azimpur, and participants visited more than 600 hundred homes in the area to urge everyone to be more conscious about cleanliness.

 Md Rakib Uddin, External Affairs Manager of Reckitt Benkiser Bangladesh Limited; Dewan Shamsur Rakib, Head of Program of RTV; Nazrul Islam, General Secretary of Uttoron Jubo Shongshod; Head Teacher of Shaheed Manik Adarsh School; Principal of Notun Paltan School and College; senior teachers and others took part in the initiative.

  Nazrul Islam, General Secretary of Uttoron Jubo Shongshod urging local clubs of the country to take initiatives of controlling dengue outbreak said, “During this difficult time of the country, everyone should come forward with initiatives from their own respective positions. If we all work together, I believe that dengue can be eliminated. "

Dewan Shamsur Rakib, Head of Program of RTV said, “The outbreak of Dengue is increasing, which is increasing the number of patients in hospitals as well as the public panic. But now we have to solve this problem. If we all keep our homes, courtyards, roofs, gardens and surrounding areas clean, then Aedes mosquito will not have the opportunity of breeding. In addition to keeping the surrounding grounds clean, I firmly believe that dengue can easily be prevented, if we all come forward to address the issue from our own respective positions.”

Md Rakib Uddin, External Affairs Manager of Reckitt Benkiser Bangladesh Limited said, “Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh has been raising awareness on cleanliness for more than two years. As a responsible institution, we have undertaken a number of activities at this critical moment of the nation.