Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital introduces automation system

Published : 13 Sep 2023 09:02 PM

Jhenaidah 250-bed general hospital, better known as sadar hospital enters in to automation system from now on to provide faster and better services to its patients like registration, transparent accounts maintenance and some other sectors.  It will ease the sufferings of the patients, their attendants and save their time as the activities will be furnished quickly, said superintendent of the hospital Dr. Syed Rezaul Islam.

Some Sufia Khatun of village Sakharidah in Harinakundu upazila when contacted said she rushed the hospital for depositing money for charges against some medical tests. The authorities have furnished work within a very short time which was causing much time and in a long queue in traditional system. The patients and other concern have been receiving the services hassle-free. The authorities had hanged a chart against each and every service charge so that they might not be cheated anyway.  Dr. Syed Rezaul Islam, superintendent of Jhenaidah 250-bed general hospital when contacted said the automation in the hospital brought a significant charge here as the patients and others receiving faster and better services. His staffs have been issuing receipts against every transaction through the electronic process which has been helping them serve for more people in short time, Dr. Syed Rezaul Islam said.