ISPR protests propaganda against armed forces

A section of retired army officers, declared persona non-grata (PNG) in the cantonments, is circulating rumours with an ill-motive to put into question the armed forces and the country, said an ISPR press statement on Wednesday night.

Conversations of various renowned persons  are being edited through use of modern technology and uploaded on social media.

Such evil acts have been  aimed at confusing the common people and tarnishing the image of the patriotic members of the Bangladesh Army.

These  groups are spreading fabricated and concocted stories from abroad. They are distorting conversations of renowned persons misusing modern technology and spreading those through social media with an ill- motive to confuse people and members of the army. Such acts are also intended to damage the image of the country as well as the Bangladesh Army.

The foul activities on the part of the disgruntled retired army officers have justified action against them being PNG.

Each and every member of the Bangladesh Army is shocked at the heinous and wilful activities of such former officers.

The members of the Bangladesh Army and the people of the country are unmoved by the imaginative stories or statements which are devoid of reality. They also reject it with hatred.

Bangladesh Army is a highly disciplined, well-organized and professional force and is committed to maintaining the sovereignty and integrity of the motherland.

Created through the great war of liberation, this army with 49 years of experience, and built by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is now professionally efficient and mature, which is a symbol of the latest confidence and trust of the common people of Bangladesh.

Every member of the army is always ready to sacrifice his life with a smile to defend the Constitution and sovereignty of the country.

When a war against the ongoing Corona pandemic was declared by the Prime Minister, the Army under her direction provided unprecedented service to the people in the Corona War gaining wide appreciation from the people, including the Prime Minister.

Retirement after a long service in the army is a normal process. Every retired Army member is proud to introduce himself as a former Army personnel in retirement and lives an honest and orderly life.

However, in retirement, if a former army member leads an undisciplined life that tarnishes the image of the army in the military and civilian spheres, he is declared persona non grata in all the cantonments of the country for correction.