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Ishwardi EPZ exports worth Tk 1,500cr in 2021

Published : 21 Jan 2022 09:50 PM | Updated : 21 Jan 2022 09:50 PM

In the outgoing year (2021), goods worth 176.77 million were exported from Ishwardi Export Processing Zone (EPZ) which is equivalent to Tk 15,025,450,000 in Bangladeshi currency. 

There are 20 factories operating at present. A total of 14,736 workers are working in these factories.

Due to its facilities and adequate security, Ishwardi EPZ has become known as a suitable place for domestic and foreign investors to set up their factories. The products made in the factories here are also attracting buyers. Compared to 2020, the export income has increased by 51.4 million US dollars in 2021. 40.60 percent growth has been achieved in 2021.

Ishwardi EPZ, built on 308.97 acres of land, is located in Pakshi which is famous for Hardinge Bridge. The construction of the EPZ began in 1996 and was inaugurated in 2001. 

It is located 220 km from Dhaka city, 10 km from Ishwardi airport, 110 km from Rajshahi airport, 484 km from Chattogram seaport and 280 km from Mongla seaport. 

The industrial establishments of this EPZ have water supply system under the management of BEPZA. There is an 11 KV substation for electricity and natural gas is supplied to the factories as fuel through the western gas company. Ishwardi EPZ has a total of 20 factories in operation and 18 are under construction. A new company has been launched in 2021 and 4 new companies have signed an agreement with BEPZA to set up a factory. 

There are three types of investments in these factories- 100 percent foreign capital, joint investment of foreign and domestic capital and 100 percent domestic capital. 

The total number of industrial plots in this EPZ is 290. Ishwardi EPZ ranks seventh among the eight EPZs under BEPZA in terms of exports. Battery, processed plastics, agglomerate, textile chemical, plain poly, readymade garment, craft, hair, industrial gloves, garment accessories and other biochemical products are being produced at the factories of Ishwardi EPZ.

Compared to 2020, the export income has increased to 51.4 million US dollars in 2021. Earlier, in 2012-13 FY the amount was 428 crore 27 lakh, in 2013-14 FY 717 crore 41 lakh, in 2014-15 FY 833 crore 60 lakh, in FY 2015-16 FY 894 crore 89 lakh and in 2016-17 it was 772 crore 40 lakh.

BEPZA General Manager (GM) Nazma Binte Alamgir said that the lion's share of exports of Ishwardi EPZ comes from readymade garments and related sectors. 

“In the coming years, the amount of goods exported from Ishwardi EPZ will increase. The Ishwardi EPZ area is surrounded by a secure enclosure and the workplaces are safe. BEPZA has its own security forces in the EPZ area. BEPZA is trying to meet the demand for water, gas and electricity as a result of increasing demand for setting up factories and production,” she said.

 She further said, “Vintage Denim Studio Ltd (Ava Group), one of the first eco-friendly LEED Platinum certified green factory in the country, is a garment company located in Ishwardi EPZ. The families of many workers and officials working in different factories of Ishwardi EPZ have become financially prosperous. The local economy is also becoming dynamic.”