Irrigation process in Gazipur stalled, farmers install pump on their own

Published : 06 Feb 2023 08:52 PM

At one time, there was a system of water irrigation in the agricultural land through deep tube well which was brought from England in North Hijlatli area of Kaliakair Upazila in Gazipur. However, due to various complications, electric motor is installed in the tube cup of diesel-powered machine for 10/12 years. At that time, about 300 bighas of three crops were cultivated under that tube well. 

Nevertheless, with the change of time and the touch of modernity, most of the cultivated land was lost in brick kilns and homesteads. In addition, the only functioning deep tube well broke down years ago in the area.

  Ten years ago, BADC and BRDC sold the tube well in installments to the local Munna master for only 30 thousand taka. Since then he was running the tube well on his own initiative. In the season of last year 2001, crops were grown on about 120 bigha of land under that tubewell by more than a hundred farmers. During the season, 30-35 mounds of iri, 18-19 mounds of silver paddy and 10-12 maunds of mustard were produced per bigha of land. 

Its market value is losing about crores of Tk every year. However, in 2022, even though that amount of land was cultivated, the tube well broke down in half. As a result, the farmers' crops were destroyed that year. Munna Master then showed various technicians and masons to repair the tube well. However, the machine could not be fixed due to lack of parts.

Later, a five-member committee was formed on the initiative of the local residents. With the decision of that committee and the opinion of the local people, a new tube well was installed at a cost of 2 lakh Tks. Through which farmers are cultivating the uncultivated lands. So far about 30-40 bighas of land has been cultivated. 

The rest of the uncultivated land will be gradually brought under cultivation. Moreover, all the farmers are not able to cultivate Boro paddy together due to the low capacity of water rising through these tube wells. Many farmers expressed it very much. Water from the new tube well is being taken at one hundred rupees per hour.

  This tube well installed with 2 lakh Tk is not enough for the field in that area. However, efforts are being made to cultivate the uncultivated land. Farmers have to pay Tk 4,000 per bigha to take water from the new tube well. This money is being taken for security. Meanwhile, 20 to 30 farmers are taking water from the crop field for 100 Tk per hour after paying the security money. Even after all this, the farmers of the area expressed their anger for not getting any cooperation from the Upazila Agriculture Department.

Farmers of that area Shakeel Khan, Moklej Hossain, Dabir, Tony, Tanveer, Humayun, Bashar said that we have to do agriculture at any cost. Regrettably, no official took any trace of us. If we get any support from the government, we could install a strong tube well.

Abdur Rouf, who is in charge of taking care of the new tube well, said that a committee consisting of 5 members, including the former chairman of the village, was established. And I was given the responsibility to watch and listen to it. Everyone is being charged Tk 100 for one hour of water. In addition, security is being charged Tk 4,000 per bigha of land.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Saiful Islam said, I asked the farmers to contact the BADC office. I do not know if the farmers are communicating. I do not even know whether they are digging tube wells on their own initiative.