Involving women in decision-making

World leaders should pay heed to Sheikh Hasina’s call

Published : 22 Sep 2022 08:02 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the world community to integrate women in decision-making process for finding an effective solution. The premier, who is now on an official tour to attend the 77th UNGA in New York, USA, said women are disproportionately affected during crises.  She made this remarks while addressing a “High Level Meeting of the UNGA Platform of Women Leaders Convened by the President of the General Assembly Csaba Korösi” at Trusteeship Council in the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Transformative Solutions by Women Leaders to Today’s Interlinked Challenges”. Sheikh Hasina said that it is important to have them in leadership team to reflect on the solutions and benefit from their experiences and perspective. We highly applaud Sheikh Hasina as she feels it is high time to utilise the network to share views on tackling the complex global challenges and bring positive outcomes not only for their respective countries but also for mankind. Every country in the world should realise her (Sheikh Hasina) call and integrate women in decision-making process that help them to make better decisions to achieve gender equality.

Women are shining in each and every sector, breaking all the stereotypes  and showing indomitable courage and leadership skills across the globe. In this regard, Bangladesh looks forward to continue participating in the UN’s efforts to encourage women leadership globally. A commitment to gender mainstreaming is one of the most effective ways m governments can support and promote gender equality.

Bangladesh government has taken 

various steps to empower 

women and girls

We need gender champions at all levels, especially at the grass-root level. Women-led civil society organisations need to be nurtured and supported with sufficient political and financial means. Therefore, all world leaders should join and work concertedly for advancing gender equality and women empowerment.

Bangladesh government has taken various steps to empower women and girls. About 27 percent of the national budget is allocated for women’s social and economic empowerment activities. In the political spectrum, Bangladesh has ensured representation of women at all levels, from the top to the lowest tier of the government. Bangladesh is bringing its women in the forefront of all economic activities. It has also taken specific policy actions, such as, fostering a gender-neutral legal framework for business ensuring equal access to finance for female and male entrepreneurs. Bangladesh aims at ensuring 40 percent participation of women in every sector by 2021 and 50 percent by 2030.

All should realise that people’s empowerment is possible through women’s empowerment as half of the country’s population is women. 

Therefore, if we integrate women in decision-making process and can take timely steps amid obstacles and odds, only then we will be able to take the country’s development forward.