Involvement of private sector in Delta Plan

Step up efforts to ensure proper implementation of the project

Published : 07 Aug 2022 08:52 PM

Speakers at a seminar titled "Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100: Private Sector Involvement to achieve a Safe, Climate-Resilient and Prosperous Delta" organised by the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) on Saturday stressed the need for ensuring more involvement of the private sector in the Delta Plan-2100. They also called upon the authorities concerned to revise the plan in every five years and update it in every two years for getting sustainable implication.

In 2018, the government launched the Delta Plan 2100 to secure the future use of the country's water resources and mitigate the impact of climate change and natural calamities. 

As Bangladesh is vulnerable to these challenges as well as climate change impacts, sustainable developments require the caliber to cope with climatic variables. Such challenges indeed require the proper implementation of the government’s visionary Delta Plan 2100.

Delta Plan will enable the country to deal 

with the adverse impact of climate change 

in a more efficient and strategic way

It is apprehended that Delta Plan will enable the country to deal with the adverse impact of climate change in a more efficient and strategic way. Most importantly, the scheme will help the country reclaim a big mass of land from the Bay of Bengal. Hence, it can be hoped that the proper implementation of the project will be the key to tackle climate change challenges.

Experts are of the opinion that physical infrastructure needs to be built and the capacity and efficiency of the workforce should be enhanced to implement the Delta Plan the government has taken for economic growth and climate resilience.

After implementing its own delta management plan, Netherlands, reclaimed 6,000 square kilometres of land and the country is now assisting Bangladesh in executing the plan. However, following Netherlands, Bangladesh should also try to reclaim a big mass of land from the Bay of Bengal through implementing Delta Plan 2100.

Every year rivers from Himalayas bring tonnes of sediments while crossing Bangladesh, which earlier gave birth to some 1,000 square kilometres of land. Experts assert that through this process in the next 50 years Bangladesh can reclaim at least 1,000 square kilometres naturally.  

However, it is said that with the use of new technology, Bangladesh could speed up the accretion process as Netherlands did. In this regard, building more dams using advanced technology is very much needed which would enable Bangladesh to reclaim 4,000 to 5,000 square kilometres in the near future.