Int’l Chain Farzi Cafe now in Dhaka

The word Farzi has many connotations but at Farzi Café it has just one “Creating an illusion” with its cuisine.

A modern Spice bistro. Farzi Café started in 2014 intending to bring Indian and Local traditional Cuisine back in Vogue. It’s present in eight countries including Bangladesh, London, Dubai, India etc.

Nestled at the heart of the city located within a 30 second way from downtown Gulshan-1 circle, Farzi Café will be launched to the Public on Saturday redefining the Modern Spice Bistro, by preparing food thorough a “Colloidal System” where ingredients go through molecular gastronomy process, transforming traditional cuisine into modern sensory experience through Science.

If offers the contemporary dinner an amalgamation of traditional global cuisine, with an Indian touch, Modern presentation culinary styles & ambience.   

Pioneering MG in Dhaka food scenario the café is a venture of “Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury (Ronni)” one of the prominent names among the circles of young successful business persons in Bangladesh; Wega Zone Ltd. being one of his most recognizable venture, that had shaped the culture of Baily road over two decades.

About the new venture Owner “Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury (Ronni)”

“We are a nation that is passionate about food. With the passage of time, our tastes and preferences have evolved. It’s no longer just about eating to fill our stomachs but rather about the overall experience. At Farzi Cafe, our diners will get to experience familiar cuisines with a completely new twist takes into account the artistic, technical and social aspect of food. The experience is sure to be a treat to all the senses, something which is yet to be introduced by our contemporaries.”