Indigenous Language Film Festival ‘Matribhashar Chalachitra Utsab’ starts today

Published : 27 Feb 2024 09:00 PM

In commemoration of Martyrs' Day and International Mother Language Day, Zahir Raihan Film Institute and the Graphic Arts Institute, Dhaka, unite to orchestrate a pioneering film festival titled "Matribhashar Chalachitra Utsab," dedicated to celebrating diverse mother languages. This festival, set to spotlight Bengali, Chakma, Marma, and Garo languages of Bangladesh, endeavors to pay homage to the linguistic and cultural heritage of indigenous communities.

Shedding light on the festival's mission, Shankar Shawjal, President of Zahir Raihan Film Institute, articulated, "We annually honor the sacrifices of our language martyrs. Despite Bengali being the national language, our indigenous brethren possess their unique mother tongues. Through cinema, we aim to honor and preserve these languages, acknowledging the decline they face yearly."

Emphasizing the festival's growth trajectory, Shawjal expressed aspirations for future expansions, stating, "This year marks a humble beginning, but we envision exponential growth in subsequent editions. We advocate for and endorse the production of films in languages spoken by ethnic groups inhabiting both hills and plains."

Director Pradip Ghosh echoed Shawjal's sentiments, underscoring the paramount importance of embracing linguistic diversity. "As Bengalis, we understand the significance of mother languages in shaping national identity and sovereignty. Hence, our commitment extends beyond Bengali to inclusively champion all languages," Ghosh affirmed.

The festival's inaugural ceremony, slated for Wednesday at 3 pm in the Graphic Arts Institute Auditorium, promises enlightening discussions and captivating film screenings. Distinguished personalities including Ali Akbar Khan, Chairman of Bangladesh Technical Education Board, and Mrinmoy Chakraborty, Director of Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, will grace the occasion as chief guest and special guest, respectively. Niher Ronjon Das, Chairman of Graphic Arts Institute, will preside over the discussions.

This cinematic celebration stands as a testament to Bangladesh's rich linguistic tapestry, underscoring the imperative of preserving and honoring indigenous languages for generations to come.