Imported Goods delivered fast at Benapole using ‘D Mark’ method

Goods are now delivered fast at the country’s biggest land port Benapole after the ‘D Mark’ method is used by the Customs high officials from the land port of imported goods.

‘D Mark’ method means delivering goods without examination

Out of the overall imported goods through this land port, ‘D Mark’ method is being used on around 80 percent imported goods at this port since December last year where highest two days are needed for delivered of goods.

Previously, it required 5 t0 7 days on average for delivered of goods at this land port.

Since the goods delivered time has reduced, the importers now not need to bear additional costing and truck fares which is helping to reduce the import cost. It is also putting direct positive impact on the goods price.

Benapole Customs House Commissioner Belal Hossain Chowdhury said ‘D Mark’ method is being applied on those reputed importers who have no allegation of importing different goods after declaring any specific goods, goods related to government projects and on the goods of those importers who have good reputation in the industry.

This method was introduced to reduce the hassle of the importers and thus improve the ease of doing business situation commissioner added.

The Commissioner said under the ‘D Mark method, an integrated team of the land port made a short list of the imported goods in every morning and as per that the manifest list, the customs officials put the ‘D mark beside the Manifest of imported goods.

After the introduction of this method, around 40 percent of goods are delivered on the day of import while it takes highest three days for delivered the rest of the goods.

Benapole Customs House sources said that a delegation of the World Bank visited the Benapole Land Port in March -19 and witnessed the goods load, unloading and delivered operation at the Benapole Port through this method and lauded it.