Impacts of industrial pollution on child health

Ban human settlements in and around industrial zones

Published : 13 Aug 2022 08:40 PM

Industrial development is the building block of a country’s economic growth and one of the integral parts of a country’s sustainable development. The development of a country is often determined by its industrial growth. It is needless to say that we need both industrial growth as well as good health of children for sustainable development of a country. Experts opine that for a healthy generation we should give utmost attention to child health and child-friendly environment.

Today’s’ children are the future of our country and for ensuring their bright future they must get the opportunity to grow up as healthy individuals. But, in urban areas, because of high pollution level health of children are getting affected in many ways.

Residential homes and houses should 

not be built in or around industrial zones

Residential homes and houses should not be built in or around industrial zones. Moreover, most of the industries in the country do not follow the rules and regulations for reducing pollution. Most of the factories do not have proper waste management system. 

As a result, various types of contagious diseases overwhelm children living close to the industrial areas.

Experts are of the opinion that children living in the industrial areas are mainly affected by asthma. However, most of the parents do not get concerned about this disease at early stage. In most of the cases, parents bring their kids to doctors at the last minute. Hence, it becomes very challenging to save the lives of the children. In this regard building concrete awareness and proper planning are expected from the masses of the people.

As sustainable development depends both on industrial growth and healthy life of the children, certain practices should be suggested through which a country can balance both in a coordinated manner. 

For example, if a country can strictly control establishment of factories and industries in the densely populated areas, and if all the industries in the country follow the rules and regulations, we can create a healthy environment for our children.