Impact of gaming technology on students

Published : 25 Feb 2021 09:43 PM

Aloke Debnath

We, the people of 21st century, can’t think of passing a single moment without modern technology and internet.  We can easily get information from internet. There are numerous advantages of using Internet.  Students can get access to libraries and consult with scholars by using internet. Internet has become a boon for the students of secondary and higher secondary level in Bangladesh.

In line with the education policy 2010, the government introduced ICT (Information & communication Technology) for class VI students in  2012, for class VII 2013 ,for class VIII in 2014 and for class IX in 2015. For the students of class XI & XII, ICT subject was introduced in 2013. Students now study ICT as a compulsory  subject in addition to Bangla and English. 

By studying the subject, one can be  acquainted with the modern technologies. Without using modern technologies, a person of 21st century can’t pass a single day properly and without knowing the method of using  it, a student can’t be a worthy one. So, all the students must have a knowledge about modern technologies. The students of secondary and higher secondary level in Bangladesh study ICT subject as compulsory for gaining the knowledge about modern technologies and its applications. As they acquire knowledge about it, they use almost all of these technologies. 

Generally, they use smartphone for their academic purposes. They also use laptop and PC for their ICT education. They use these technologies in almost all sectors. But about 90 percent students of secondary and higher secondary level in Bangladesh misuse these technologies. They are addicted to smartphone. PUBG,FREE FIRE(FF),CALL of DUTY(CoD) etc. are the most addictive battle royal games. The battle royal game genre gained major traction with the 2017 emergence of PlayerUnknown's Battleground and Fortnite. In 2018, Fortnite generated around $2 billion and became one of the highest-earning games ever. These are the most time killing games. 

Students waste their most valuable time playing these games. They do not care about their future life. It harms their most valuable student life. It also destroys the future generation of our beloved country Bangladesh. Students generally waste their money by playing games. They make an elite-pass to the games and they collect money from their home. If their parents aren't agree with them to give money, they often commit suicide. Therefore, parents and teachers should take necessary steps to address this problem prudently, otherwise, our next generation will suffer more than ever before.

Aloke Debnath is a student of Higher Secondary level at Hazi Arsad Ali Degree College, Harinakundu, Jhenaidah