Hybrid paddy farming increase in Bogura, farmers expect bumper output

Published : 13 Mar 2023 08:18 PM

Like every year, Boro paddy is being cultivated in record amount of land in Bogura. The farmers of this district, famous for its vegetable reserves, are now spending busy time in Boro cultivation. After preparing the land, picking the seedlings from the seed bed, they are busy planting in the land. Every year the cost of production is slightly lower but this time the farmers are working in the field expecting good yield with the fear of cost increase.

 Cultivation is already at its final stage. However, farmers have cultivated hybrid rice in 1 thousand hectares more land than last year after getting encouragement. The agriculture department is expecting bumper yield in the current season as well, hybrid paddy cultivation will increase in the next year. The Department of Agriculture Extension said that the agriculture department has set a target of 187 thousand 650 hectares of paddy cultivation in the current season in the district. Of this, 1 lakh 69 thousand hectares of high yielding land and 17 thousand 850 hectares of hybrid varieties of rice and 800 hectares of local varieties. Farmers have cultivated hybrid rice in 1 thousand hectares more land than last year after getting incentives. 48,000 farmers in the district have been given hybrid seeds as incentives per bigha. In the current year, 11 lakh 25 thousand 434 tons of paddy will be produced in the district from which 7 lakh 35 thousand metric tons of rice will be available.

While visiting district Sadar Upazila, Kahalu, Gabtali upazila, farmers were seen busy in lifting saplings from seedbeds, plowing the land and replanting saplings. Boro paddy fields are slowly turning green. Farmers are weaving new dreams. The fields of Bogura are now full of green. Therefore, Boro farmers of Bogura are busy in Boro paddy cultivation hoping to get good yield.

Farmers said that the production of hybrid rice per bigha is almost double that of other rice. Farmers are interested as more fertilizer is required and more is required, but up to 30 mounds of paddy is available. 

Meanwhile, the agriculture department is encouraging farmers to cultivate this variety of rice, they said.

Boro is cultivated in almost all upazilas including Nandigram, Shibganj, Sherpur, Sadar of the district. Boro cultivation land is increasing every year as the cost of cultivation of new crops is low after harvesting Boro paddy. After planting rice from January to February, the golden harvest comes to the farmer's house after harvesting the rice in May. However, those who grow mustard and potato are planted till mid-March. Meanwhile, due to the increase in the price of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides, the farmers are expecting a good yield despite the increase in production costs.

Agriculture Extension Department Bogra Additional Deputy Director (Crops) Enamul Haque said that the agriculture department is encouraging farmers to cultivate hybrid varieties of rice due to good yield. Farmers have been given incentives, besides providing advice to the farmers, the Department of Agriculture stands by them.

Agriculturist Matlubar Rahman, deputy director of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, Bogura, said that this year hybrid rice has been cultivated in 1,000 hectares of land in the district compared to last year. We encourage farmers to cultivate high yielding varieties of rice. As per the instructions of Hon'ble Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, the officials of Agriculture Department are always making efforts to produce more crops. Agriculture officials believe that the target has been achieved and the interest of farmers in hybrid rice cultivation will increase in the future.