Housewife beaten to death by husband in Charghat

A brute husband has beaten his wife to death at Fatepur Mondolpara village under Solua union of Charghat upazila in Rajshahi district on Tuesday noon.

The victim was identified as Nasima, 36, daughter of Siraj Ali of the village Fatepur of the same upazila. She was a mother of two daughters and a son. Police of Charghat Model thana arrested the husband and recovered body of Nasima. The body was sent to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on Wednesday. for autopsy.

According to sources, Nasima was married to Tufan Sheikh alias Bhobesh son of Abdul Barek of village Fatepur some 19-year ago.  They were maintaining the family peacefully and had two daughters and one son.

Siraj Ali, father of Nasima informed, being a day labourer his son-in-law Bhobesh was entangled in loan from NGOs for last 3-4 years and was haunted by want. Often he failed to repay the instalments of the loan and locked in an altercation with his wife. At a stage of altercation on Tuesday noon, Bhobesh beat his wife severely and killed her by fastening wire of dish-line around her neck and later on hanged her dead body with the ceiling of his room. Being informed, father of Nasima rushed to her house and saw her dead body hanging with the ceiling.

Police of Charghat thana recovered dead body from the room on Tuesday night and sent it for autopsy. Police also arrested Bhobesh in connection with the murder of his wife.

Samit Kumar Kundu, Officer-in-charge of Charghat thana said, a murder case has been filed with the thana and the accused of the case has been arrested and sent to jail hajat.