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Household farming on the rise

Published : 27 Dec 2022 10:26 PM | Updated : 28 Dec 2022 04:56 PM

The number of farming in households has increased by about 17 lakh to 168.81 lakh compared to that of 2008 amounting to 151.83 lakh, a Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) said.

The BBS published the survey titled Agriculture Census-2019 at its auditorium on Tuesday.

Planning Minister MA Mannan, State Minister for Planning Dr Shamsul Alam and Director General of BBS Md Matiar RAHMAN were present at the launching event of the publication.

The net cropland across the country has decreased by around 4 lakh to 186.81 lakh acres in 11 years from 190.97 lakh acres in 2008. 

The net temporary cultivable land in the country is 164.23 lakh acres, down 12.48 lakh acres during the time from 176.71 lakh acres in 2008 and the permanent cropland is 19.70 lakh acres in total. 

The census report shows that the land under cultivation of Aush crops has slightly decreased in the 2019 census compared to 2008, but the land under cultivation of Aman, Boro, Potato, Wheat, Maize, Jute and other crops has increased significantly, according to the BBS report. 

Additionally, the number of livestock and poultries including cows, buffalo and chickens has increased significantly. 

The total number of cows obtained in the Agriculture Census 2019 is 2.94 crore which was 1. 63 crore in 2008. Also, the number of roosters, chickens and ducks more than doubled to 27.38 crore as against 13.72 crore in 2008 census.

According to Agriculture Census 2019, total fish farming land is 12.12 lakh acres while ponds have the largest amount of land for fish farming at 6.81 lakh acres.

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