High temperature makes lives of Rajshahi people unbearable

With 41.8 degree centigrade day temperature, the rainfall seems elusive in Rajshahi even at the onset of the monsoon. The weather forecast of the week also did not indicate any good news for the heat-wave hit people of Rajshahi.

The Bangla month Asar is usually regarded as harbinger of huge rainfall with the approach of monsoon. But the rainfall playing truant in Rajshahi, making the lives of its residents unbearable with extreme heat.

Though there are reports of rainfall from various places of the country, Rajshahi region remained weary, dry and hot. People failed to trace any indication of rain even after looking repeatedly towards the sky throughout the day. There was no trace of cloud in the sky.

Due to hot sunshine throughout the day, the plight of working class people turned unbearable. People dared not to come out of their houses except for emergencies. But, inside the rooms of the houses, there was no calm and peace. Insiders were continually sweating even under running ceiling fan. Those who were using air cooler were somewhat lucky but they were experiencing the gusts of heat while coming out of their rooms.

Although in a private weather thermometer, the highest day temperature in Rajshahi was recorded at 41.8 degree Celsius at 4-00 pm, Meteorological office sources in Rajshahi informed, today’s highest day temperature was 35.9 degree Celsius at  12-00 noon and the lowest day temperature was 24 degree Celsius. The humidity of air was 94 percent at 9-00 am. A low to moderate heat wave is continuing through Rajshahi region, informed Met sources.