Health Minister lauds country’s doctors for successfuly separation of conjoined twins

Published : 20 Feb 2024 09:36 PM

No patient from Bangladesh will have to go abroad in the future as Bangladesh is a country of immense possibilities in the medical sector, said Health Minister Samanta Lal Sen on Tuesday.

“The operation that used to cost Tk 1 crore abroad, has been done free of cost in Bangladesh. A few days ago, a Bhutanese girl suffering from cancer was cured in the country but it was impossible in India or Bangkok. So there is nothing that Bangladesh cannot do. Bangladesh now has treatment facilities for all diseases,” he said.

The minister came up with this information while hailing the achievement of  Bangladeshi doctors in successfully separating a pair of conjoined twins, which had just been completed at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).

BSMMU doctors conducted the operation to separate the heads of conjoined twins Nava and Nova. A team of physicians completed the operation successfully after 13 hours, which is not a normal task, said Samanta. "In India or any other foreign country, it would cost Tk 1 crore to separate them but our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina bears the cost," he claimed.

Noting that many students in the country are becoming doctors after completing medical studies every year, the minister said “Our doctors are as skilled as they are talented. Just increase the opportunities and give them the opportunity to work with confidence according to their responsibilities. Then no patient from Bangladesh will have to go abroad in the future.”

In another programme, held at the ministry, the health minister said Global Fund, the largest donor in Bangladesh, has assured to increase financing in eradicating AIDS,  tuberculosis and malaria in Bangladesh.

Gyongyver Jakab, Senior Fund Portfolio Manager at The Global Fund came up with the assurance after a meeting with the minister.