Handicraft business empowers thousands of women

Published : 30 Sep 2023 09:42 PM

Palashbari upazila in Gaibandha district is witnessing a unique transformation as thousands of women are making their fortune through needlework.

Nakshipalli of hand-made clothes has been established in Nuniagari, Udaysagar, Girdharipur, Ambari and Suigram areas of Palashbari upazila under the leadership of Mitu Akhtar and Shefali Begum.

The women artisans are using their skills and creativity to design beautiful and intricate patterns on various dresses, including nakshikantha sarees, three-pieces and salwar kameez.

The great advantage of working here is that the workers can take the work home with them, which allows them to continue their household chores and other commitments while also earning an income.

From housewives to students, everyone is benefiting from this work. Some of the women are using the money they earn to pay for their education, while others are helping to support their families and fulfill the needs of their children.

"We don't have to depend on others to fulfill our wishes anymore," said one of the women artisans.

Women entrepreneurs Mitu Akhtar and Shefali Begum are working hard to promote the handicraft business and empower more women in the area.

"We want to see women entrepreneurs developed in every district and neighborhood," they said. "If new entrepreneurs are developed, women will be economically independent apart from reducing the unemployment rate."

The handicraft business is not only providing women with a source of income, but it is also helping them to develop their skills and confidence.

"I used to be very shy, but now I am more confident and outgoing," said another woman artisan. "I am also able to support my family financially."

The Gaibandha Zila Palli Unnayan Board (ZPPAB) is also playing a vital role in supporting the handicraft business. The board has trained more than 17,820 people in various trades, including needlework, to make destitute and unemployed women self-reliant.

"We are always working to create entrepreneurs," said Abdur Sabur, Deputy Director of ZPPAB. "We are ready to provide any type of technical training and financial support."

The handicraft business is a shining example of how Bangladeshi women are making their fortune through their own skills and talents. The government and other organizations are working to support this business and empower more women in the country.

Bangladeshi women are making their fortune through the handicraft business, working from home, developing their skills and confidence, supporting their families, and becoming economically independent.

The handicraft business is a sustainable and profitable way for women to make a living, while also expressing their creativity and contributing to the development of their country.