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Hajj quota may not be fulfilled

Religious affairs ministry says

Published : 28 Mar 2023 10:10 PM | Updated : 28 Mar 2023 10:17 PM

Despite cost cut and extending deadline for registration to perform Hajj this year, the authorities concerned has reported that the quota for total number of pilgrims has not been fulfilled yet.

The Saudi Arabian government has set a deadline of April 9 for all participating countries to inform them of the total number of pilgrims they will be sending for this year’s Hajj. 

Meanwhile, officials of the Religious Affairs Ministry said that since the beginning of Hajj, the cost of Hajj package was too high as a result many aspiring pilgrims were discouraged from registering for Hajj.

They have also informed that even after reducing the price of Hajj package by Tk 11725, the desired response for registering as a pilgrim was highly slow and low.

The Religion Affairs Ministry has expressed apprehension about whether near 11,000 people will register or not in the remaining days to fulfill the quota. Officials of the ministry said that the desired response is not getting even after the sixth round of registration time extending to March 30. 

According to sources, the number under private registrations is gradually increasing, but the number of government registrations is not satisfactory. Nearly 200 pilgrims have been officially registered in the last one week.

The price of the current Hajj package under government management has been fixed at Tk 671290. On the other hand, the price of Hajj package under private management has been fixed at Tk 660893.

The Holy Hajj will be held on 27th June (9 Zilhj) this year subject to moon sighting. According to the Hajj agreement with Saudi Arabia, 127198 people from Bangladesh will be able to perform Hajj this time. 

Out of this, 15,000 people will get the opportunity to perform Hajj under government management and the remaining 1,12,198 people will get a chance to perform Hajj under private management.