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Guidelines issued to save power in govt offices

Published : 17 Aug 2022 09:45 PM

The government has issued a set of guidelines to ensure cost-effective use of electricity in government offices as part of the government's austerity measures to combat the ongoing power and energy crisis.

The instructions issued on Wednesday in a government gazette as part of austerity measures include using LED lights to save electricity and suitable colours on the walls to increase the brightness of the light. 

Other directives are using motion-detective lighting systems in common spaces; follow the luminance levels specified in the building code; regular cleaning of electric bulbs and ensuring maximum use of daylight.

In the case of using air conditioners (ACs), the government offices were instructed to keep the temperature at 25 degree celsius or above, keep the door and window of the rooms well closed while using the AC, using double glazed glass or curtain in the window, cleaning the AC filter regularly, servicing the AC at least once a year, checking duct or pipe leakage and using energy saving and inverter AC and fridge.

Action will be taken against those offices under the Energy and Mineral Resources Division that fail to save 25 percent of electricity, Mohammad Mahbub Hossain, Senior Secretary of the Division gave the instructions in a recent meeting.

The senior secretary said, “We want to set an example by reducing electricity consumption by at least 25 percent in all units including the energy and mineral resources division and all departments, agencies, their organisations and companies under its jurisdiction. Action will be taken against the departments, which cannot implement this decision of the government.”

It was informed in the meeting that electricity consumption should be at least 25 percent less than the average every week based on the average electricity reading of 7 days from the electricity reading unit calculation of the previous two months. In this case, the monitoring committee will check the electricity meter every Sunday and fix the base reading. 

They will submit a comparative report next Sunday to the respective head of office, which will be sent to the Ministry and Prime Minister's Office in phases. 

The Prime Minister’s Office on July 20, gave a new set of directives, including reducing the use of power by 25 per cent in all public offices and slashing the 20 percent allocation for the energy sector from the current national budget.

The PMO also asked the ministries and divisions to avoid physical presence in meetings and arrange those virtually to save power consumption.

The power distribution agencies have struggled to maintain their electricity rationing schedules, especially outside the capital after the new measures enforced by the government to tackle production shortfall.