Growing flower business

Easy loans and training could augment it

February is indeed one of the most important months in a year for flower traders and florists in Bangladesh. Flower growers and traders make huge money every year in February, a month that sees huge sales of flowers as people celebrate three major events — Pahela Falgun, Valentine’s Day and International Mother Language Day. But what is more positive is that flower business in Bangladesh is no longer a phenomenon limited on only February, rather there is a high demand for flowers for celebrating an array of occasions throughout the year.

Over the last few years, flower cultivation has emerged as a potential sector in Bangladesh as people’s perception towards buying flower for celebrating occasions has changed drastically. With the passage of time and development of aesthetic sense among people, giving floral gifts has become a popular trend among the people from every walk of life.

However, in order to meet the growing demand of flowers, a number of farmers work throughout the year. Flower industry in Bangladesh has appeared as a dynamic, global and fast-growing industry, which has achieved significant growth rates during the past few decades. Being an important profitable enterprise, floriculture is also contributing to the national economy. 

If the  government can provide loans to 

 cultivators on easy terms, more people 

will engage themselves in floriculture, 

thus creating jobs for many more people

Within a short period of time, Jashore, Savar, Chuadanga, Mymensingh and Gazipur have turned into a major flower production belt of Bangladesh. Flowers are being cultivated in nearly 10,000 hectares of land in 23 districts of the country. Roses, gerberas, gladioli, dahlias, sunflowers and China roses are among the many species on offer in the market.

Experts are of the opinion that flower cultivation in the country can be further expanded through extending necessary support to the farmers. Flower cultivators can be provided with easy loans and we need to encourage people for growing flower by informing them about the scopes and benefits of flower cultivation. Already Bangladesh exports flowers to different countries in South Asia, Middle East and Europe. By involving more farmers in flower cultivation, the country can export huge amount of flowers and earn a substantial foreign currency from this potential sector.

Also flower cultivation is generating thousands of employment opportunities for a large number of people. Given the growing demand of flowers, government should take necessary steps for boosting flower production. If the government can provide loans to cultivators on easy terms, more people will engage themselves in floriculture, thus creating jobs for many more people. Also research should be conducted on developing high-quality flowers. Besides, training programme for farmers can be arranged for cultivation of flowers in a scientific way.