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Grouping issue comes to fore when team doesn't do well: Tamim

Published : 26 Feb 2023 08:42 PM

Tamim Iqbal, the ODI captain of Bangladesh, dismissed the notion that there is grouping in the national team, which according to Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan Papon, is another factor to ruin the team environment.

Papon termed grouping as the biggest problem in Bangladesh cricket. But Tamim Iqbal said that when the team doesn’t do well or goes through a bad patch, such things (grouping) come up.

“Unfortunately, when the team does not do well, this thing (grouping) comes to the fore. When a team is doing so well in one format, it is a testament that the team environment is good and there is no grouping. As far as I know, everything goes absolutely well,” Tamim said on Sunday.

BCB President, in a recent interview, said: “Bangladesh cricket’s biggest problem at the moment is this grouping and this is the reality. I have no problem with anything else. I am only afraid of this grouping and I only recently came to know about it. From what I have seen, heard even though I was not in their hotel at the World Cup… I can’t believe how this is possible. If we want to see a better future, we have to put an end to it.

Because, one thing everyone needs to understand is that there is no opportunity for grouping.”

Tamim said since the start of his career, almost 17 years ago to till date, he didn’t see any grouping in the team. At the same time, he said if any grouping arise in the last six months, he is unaware of it because he was away from the cricket due to injury in this period.

“I have not seen grouping even 17 years ago, I have not seen it even 10 years ago, I have not seen it yet. I have not been with the team in the last 6 months, I don’t know if this thing has happened in these six months. I have been in the dressing room for the last 3-4 days and have not seen anything like this. Everyone is enjoying, we all have fun. We are all enjoying it,” Tamim said.