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Grameenphone has started providing talk time for call drop

Published : 01 Oct 2022 07:23 PM

 Keeping up with the steadfast promise to enhance customer experience, Grameenphone has been tirelessly working to improve the GP network experience and set to compensate with GP-GP Talk-time in case of any dropped calls from the very first call from September 29. Previously GP used to compensate from 3rd dropped call of the day.

This offering shall comply with the latest BTRC directive for all mobile network operators regarding customer call drops and compensations. Although BTRC set the deadline on October 01, Grameenphone has decided to implement the reimbursement immediately. For the first and second call drop, 30 secs, and from the third to the seventh call drop, 40 secs talk-times will be returned to the customers. The compensated talk times will come with a validity of 15 days and can be used on GP-GP network. Customers shall be notified of the compensations they accumulated via SMS within 24 hours of each call drop.

Regarding this, Mohammad Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer of Grameenphone, said, “Grameenphone has been thriving to improve experience and deployed 85 percent of spectrum acquired in 2021 auction along with expansion of 4G network across the country with highest number of towers to strengthen 4G internet experience. And this has indeed been reflecting on our customer experiences, as BTRC mentioned that the rate of call-drops had come down to 0.55 percent in a benchmark of 2%, as of May, 2022, set by telecom regulator. We are working hard to reduce this number further, and meanwhile providing due compensations to our customers as well, so that they receive complete value for the money they spend”.

To know details about talk-times accumulated against call-drops, Grameenphone customers shall simply dial *121*765#.