Govt’s focus on SME

Life for the poor to stabilise

The government is on its way to facilitate the country’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and increase the sector’s contribution to GDP from the present numbers within 2024. This is undoubtedly a long foreseen initiative on the government’s part. It is laudable that finally the plans are being realised and implemented.

On another note, the plans do not stop at the facilitation of the SMEs but also the villages and rural areas are going to get the urban or city facilities. Urban faculties in the rural areas will surely help in the process of making the poverty stricken people achieve some stability. Moreover, SMEs include a lot of woman entrepreneurs who pitch into the economy by making handmade crafts etc. Through strengthening this sector, these underprivileged woman entrepreneurs will be brought under the curtain of development. 

The sheer vigour through which the 

government has taken to step

 up the game of SMEs is marvellous

Already the industries ministry has prepared a draft SME policy which is set to increase the sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP. This will greatly benefit the small enterprise owners as it is more or less the backbone of the country. Small business owners will be benefitted massively through this plan. Credit guarantee fund, women development fund, SME bank, loan facilities are just a few of the facilities which are included in the plan. This means that any up and coming entrepreneur or previous small business owner can get a number of facilities which are being utilised well by the city businessmen. 

Already a taskforce committee has been setup who will conduct meetings and provide steadfast solutions to problem, if any arise. This sheer vigour through which the government has taken to step up the game of SMEs is marvellous. The authorities concerned should take apt steps to consistently keep on advancing towards lifting the poverty stricken people out of the margin and provide them an opportunity to get a life of stability. This is a crucial phase to achieve the long sought after SDGs.