Govt now goes for green

It is cheap and environment-friendly

Published : 27 Jun 2021 08:48 PM | Updated : 28 Jun 2021 01:46 AM

In order to save our climate from carbon emissions, the use of renewable energy sources is a must. In this regard, it is good to note that government is taking several green development initiatives which will also help us achieve sustainable development goals.

Recently, the government has approved a proposal to scrap 10 coal-fired power plants having an estimated capacity of 9346 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The government has also decided to convert some of those power plants into LNG and renewable ones.

Focus on research to explore more sustainable 

power sources

To make this plan a proper success, we must wipe out irregularities, corruption, unreasonable spending, inefficiency, and mismanagement in the sector. Government can also reduce subsidy as it will increase the opportunities for private investors. 

Alongside this project, government can also focus on conducting more research to explore more sustainable source of power generation.

If private investment increases then healthy competition should also be raised among the power generators which will lead to economic welfare and also improvement in the quality of service. We also recommend the government to approve various energy efficiency programmes for the future of country’s energy security.

Therefore, it is time to implement the transition process of shifting to renewable energy source from coal-based power plants, which will not only benefit our environment but also will create numerous jobs, especially in the rural areas.