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Govt may import egg, if necessary

Published : 17 Aug 2022 11:14 PM

To stabilise the egg market, if it’s necessary the government will import egg in the country. 

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said that a decision will be taken to import eggs if necessary in order to reduce the price.

He came up with the assertion in response to a question from journalists at a press briefing at the conference room of the Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday. He also said that the price of edible oil will be revised soon.

The high price of eggs is unusual. In this situation, it will take some time to import eggs if necessary. Let's observe the overall condition of the market. If importing eggs reduces the price, we will decide to import, the minister said.

The minister said, “We will discuss how to reduce the price of eggs with few ministries including agriculture and fisheries ministry. But everything can’t be done overnight.”

In response to a question from journalists on the issue of price hike of daily essentials, the minister said, “Many of us are hopeful that the situation may be resolved by October. There are many factors to consider before taking any final decision.” 

The minister believes that the transportation cost of rice may increase by Tk 0.50 per kilogram due to increase in fuel oil price. And taking this opportunity, the traders have increased the price up to Tk 4 per kg which is not acceptable in any means.

Tipu Munshi further said, “There is no justification of increasing the price in this way. Businessmen are being opportunist and taking advantage of the situation.”  

After increasing the price of diesel by Tk 34 per liter since August 5, prices of all essentials have increased.