Govt issues directives to stop sharp rise of Covid-19

Go tough on health rules violators

In the wake of sharp rise of coronavirus COVID-19 cases in several parts of the country, the government on Monday issued 18-point directive to deal with the situation.

It has been noticed that people’s reckless behaviour has deteriorated coronavirus situation.

The government, experts and World Health Organisation (WHO) has repeatedly urged the people to maintain social distancing alongside other everyday preventive actions to control the spread of coronavirus.

We are concerned over the steady rise of cases. People are not maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Besides, people in large are still coming together, attending rallies and gathering different crowded places breaking the COVID rules.

The common people have totally changed their attitude towards the virus. We think the health rules violators, whoever they might be or their identity— government officials or politicians–must face legal action.

The government should go tough on 

COVID-19 health rules violators in order to 

protect the nation from deadly dieses

They must not go unpunished as social distancing and mask wearing mask are crucial for preventing the spread of coronavirus. 

We believe all relevant ministries, departments, directorates and agencies will take all necessary measures to implement the guidelines to stop recent rise of coronavirus in the country 

It is compulsory to wear masks properly and ensure all necessary health rules at workplaces. All kinds of public gatherings, including social, political, religious have to be limited in all places and no gatherings should be allowed in areas of higher transmission of coronavirus.

Gatherings have to be limited in tourist attractions and entertainment venues, cinema and theatre halls. Arrangement of all kinds of fairs and exhibitions has to be discouraged.

Purchase and sale of daily essentials have to take place in open spaces, maintaining proper health rules. Health codes also have to be maintained properly in pharmacy shops.  Also, the government should go tough on COVID-19 health rules violators in order to protect the nation from deadly dieses.