Govt focuses on renewable energy

Timely investment needed to ensure energy security

The government has once again shown its commitment to clean energy in order to prevent climate crisis. Several initiatives have been taken to enhance the enhance generation of renewable energy as part of its efforts to ensure energy security in order to keep carbon dioxide emissions at low levels.

Bangladesh is currently producing 3.15 per cent of its total energy from renewable resources. The government has now targeted to produce 10 per cent of the total generation of energy to come from renewable resources by 2021, i.e., 2,000MW. The target is to reach 6000 MW by 2041.

This will have far-reaching consequences, including a reduction in the price of electricity. As the whole world is now turning to environment-friendly renewable energy due to the depletion of fossil fuels, Bangladesh is also focusing on gradually switching to non-exhaustible resources for energy generation.

The  government has now targeted to produce 

10 per cent of the total generation of energy 

to come from renewable resources by 2021

Bangladesh recently ranked second in the world for producing renewable energy (RE), especially off-grid solar solutions. The country’s Solar Power Program is the largest and has gained global recognition. 

So far, around 6 million Solar Home Systems (SHS) have been set up in remote areas across the country with the direct patronization of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, which is currently directly and indirectly benefiting about 3crore disadvantaged rural people.

The government is working continuously to expand the use of renewable energy. They have developed a power generation strategy based on fuel diversification to enhance energy security.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced a total incentive package of over Tk 100,000 crore including an incentive package of Tk 33,000 crore for export oriented industries to overcome the economic crisis, which is a very timely decision.

We congratulate the government on its initiatives in producing green energy. There is no doubt that investing in green energy now is crucial in ensuring the future of the country’s development.