Gardening beautifies Kishoreganj school

With the sincere efforts of students and teachers, a beautiful garden has been established on the roof of the new school building of Katiadi Government High School at Katiadi upazila in Kishoreganj. Fruits, flowers and vegetables have grown in trees in drums in it. 

The beauty of various flowers and fruit trees has created a charming environment throughout the school. This extraordinary garden in the school courtyard and terrace is captivating to the tree lovers. Besides, the teachers and students of the school are floating with joy at the growth of flowers and fruits of their own garden. 

The school's Headmaster Badiul Alam Mahfuz said, “Two years ago the gardening started in the school, with the inspiration of our teacher Selim sir and efforts of the younger students. The garden started with a various saplings of different species of flowers and fruit.” Founder of the garden Selim Sir said, “The garden is nicely decorated with flower plants and different types of vegetable saplings are planted, including brinjal, tomato etc. 

Ever since various flower and fruit trees have been planted on the roof, students have been caring for them with interest. Through the process, love of nature has been created among them. I believe they will continue this practice in their homes as well.” The students said that, “We read in the book that tree gives us oxygen. Without the tree, no one will survive. Besides, beautiful flowers and fruits are available from the tree. So we care about the plants.”

Locals, meanwhile, said gardening on the school's roof is a praiseworthy and an exemplary endeavor. They were overwhelmed by visiting the garden. A roof garden should be set in every school in the district, they added.