FTA with 11 countries soon

Trade focus a good initiative

Trade is always a prime concern for any country to raise its economic prowess. In that continuation Bangladesh too is trying to expand its trading by going across new horizons. 

There are already trade agreements in place with a number of countries and this has benefited the nation greatly. We aspire to see similar progress being made in the country all the time as it would inevitably enhance the chances of further strengthening the nation’s bond with other countries.

As per a report published in this daily, the government has taken initiative to ink free trade agreement (FTA) with some 11 countries aiming at a smooth and competitive trade market in near future. It means that new and foreign products will come into the country.

There are already trade agreements in place 

with a number of countries and this has 

benefited the nation greatly

However, it needs to be mentioned that once this agreement is signed, the balance of goods coming in and out must be regulated, lest we should become highly dependent on foreign goods. Also, local products must be properly exported for betterment of local business owners. This will prove as a great boost for morale in these trying times.

The report also elaborated on a process being under way to sign Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA) with India. We hope that this agreement will also benefit the economies of both the neighbouring India 

and also Bangladesh. It is good to know that much focus is being given on trade in the country. This will benefit the citizens in the long run.

On the other hand, it is good to know that the country is aspiring to graduate to a developing country by next year. We hope this happens really soon.